What shall not be patented?

The following objects shall not be protected by the State as inventions or utility solutions:

  • Ideas, scientific principles and discoveries;
  • Methods and systems for economic organization and management;
  • Methods and systems for education, teaching and training;
  • Methods for the training animals;
  • Systems in regard of linguistics, information classifications and compiling of documentations;
  • Designs and planning schemes for construction works, projects for regional development and planning;
  • Solutions concerning the shape of articles of an aesthetic nature;
  • Conventional signs, timetables, rules and regulations and symbols;
  • Computer software, topographic designs of integrated circuits, mathematical models graphs and the like;
  • Plant or animal varieties;
  • Methods for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of human and/or animal diseases;
  • Processes of biological nature (except micro-organic process) for production of plants and animals.