What are filing requirements?

A application for an invention/utility solution must comprise the following documents:

  1. The request for granting of invention/utility solution patent, made under the form issued by the IP Vietnam.
  2. The request must clearly state the name, address of the applicant(s) and inventor(s), and nationality of the inventor(s).
  3. The invention/utility solution description.
  4. The request for protection (claims)
  5. Drawings, diagrams, calculation tables… (If required).
  6. The abstract of the invention/utility solution.
  7. Deed of assignment if the applicant and the inventor are not the same.
  8. Power of attorney (if required).
  9. The copy of the first application or exhibition certificate if claiming priority right under and international agreement.
  10. The voucher of payment of application filing fee and application publicizing fee.
  11. Above-mentioned documents must be submitted together. For the following documents, they can be submitted within 3 months from the date of filing the application:
  12. The Vietnamese version of documents 2), 3) and 5), if the application includes an English, French or Russian version.
  13. The original of document 7) if the application includes a copy thereof.
  14. The document 8), including its Vietnamese version.