What are Requirements for Registering a Trademark in Vietnam?

Required documents

  • 8 identical representations of the trademark (if applying for registration of a device mark), dimension should not be smaller than 8 x 8mm and not larger than 80 x 80mm;
  • A Power of Attorney from the applicant (required at the time of filing);
  • A certified copy of priority document for claiming priority right under the Paris Convention, if any.

Required Information

  • Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;
  • Description of the trademark: meaning, colors claimed, transliteration into Roman letters, if necessary.
  • List of goods and/or services; international classification of goods and services, if known. (Even though Vietnam is not a contracting party of Nice Agreement, Nice Classification is still officially applied for purposes of the registration of trademarks in Vietnam.)


  • For all applications including applications for utility solution, patent, trademark and industrial design, Power of Attorney form just needs to be filled in and signed. Neither notarization nor legalization is required.
  • Power of Attorney can be submitted at a later date, but can not be later than 1 month from the filing date with surcharge.
  • Each trademark application can be applied for only one trademark but can cover one or more classes of goods/services.