What We Do

Our attorneys at WIZPRO advise our clients on matters concerning the acquisition, maintenance, and protection of patents, industrial designs, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, geographical indications, plant varieties, copyrights and other intellectual properties. To address your needs as effectively and efficiently as possible, we work collaboratively, drawing upon our depth and breadth of legal experience and industry knowledge.

Our clients range from those that operate around the globe to entrepreneurs with a single great idea. We represent major pharmaceutical and medical device companies, software and electronics businesses, academic institutions and their commercial spin-offs, health care organizations, telecommunications, optical technology, chemicals, and e-commerce businesses.

Our patent attorneys have diverse technical backgrounds in the electrical, electronics, telecommunication, software, chemical and mechanical sciences; pharmaceutical, organic and physical chemistry, biotechnology, physics, material and animal sciences; and other areas.

In today’s ever-changing and technology-intensive business environment, these attorneys provide assistance in the registration of intellectual properties. And are able to provide ongoing supports as the needs and uses of clients’ intellectual properties evolve. Their intellectual property practice includes:

  • Registration of patents, industrial designs, plant varieties, trademarks, trade names, copyrights and other intellectual properties;
  • Protection of registered intellectual properties through litigation, alternative dispute resolution methods, and administrative proceedings;
  • Negotiation and preparation of licensing and assignment agreements.

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