What are Requirements for Entering National Phase of PCT Applications in Vietnam?

Required Documents

  • A Power of Attorney from the applicant (required within 34 months from the priority date), this deadline can not be extended unless approved by the IP Vietnam;
  • A copy of the international patent application as filed if the applicant requests entering into the Vietnam national phase before the international publication date (required at the date of entry);
  • A copy of the specification, claims, any text matter of drawings and abstract in English (if any of those parts have been amended, then both as originally filed and as amended under PCT Articles 19 or 34) for the purpose of translation into Vietnamese. (These documents should be available to us at least one month before the date of entry into Vietnamese national phase so that we can have enough time to prepare their translation thereof).

Required Information

Name and address of the inventor(s) if they have not yet been furnished in the “request” part of the international application.


  • For all applications including applications for utility model, patent, trademark and industrial design, the Applicant just needs to fill in and sign the Power of Attorney form. The IP Vietnam does not require notarization nor legalization.
  • The IP Vietnam does allow late submission of Power of Attorney with surcharge, but can not be later than 1 month from the filing date;
  • The deadline for entry into national phase of a PCT application in Vietnam is 31 months from the earliest priority date;
  • Patent applications and all enclosed documents must be in Vietnamese. If the publication of the PCT international application is not in English, please arrange an English version of the documents so that we can translate them into Vietnamese.