Filing Requirements – Renewal/Annuity

In order to renew a industrial design patent & trademark registration, a renewal application, with prescribed renewal fee, must be filed within 6 months before the expiration date of the patent/registration, or within a grace period of six months after the expiration date, with payment of an additional fee of 10% of normal fee for each month overdue.

Required documents

  • A Power of Attorney or a instruction letter (required at the filing);
  • The original industrial design patent or the original certificate of trademark registration, if endorsement on the patent or the certificate is required by the holder (required at filing).

Note: For all applications including applications for utility solution, patent, trademark and industrial design, notarization of Power of Attorney and Deed of Assignment is no longer required, just need to be signed the Applicant if the Applicant is a natural person; or by the authorized person of applicant if the applicant is a legal entity and affixed by the corporate seal of such an entity (if any).