Filing Requirements – Industrial Design Applications in Vietnam


  • A Power of Attorney from the applicant (required within one month from the filing date);
  • 6 sets of photos/drawings comprising of front, top, bottom, left, right, back and perspective views (required at filing). They must be in the same scale and size must not smaller than 90mm x 120 mm and not larger than 210 mm x 297 mm. Please note that if a design is applied to a part of an article, perspective photos/drawings of the article showing this part are required;
  • In the case where the design is of a high level of difficulty, a cross-sectional drawing(s) in necessary places may be required.

    If an article to which the design is applied has a lid or is foldable (for example: refrigerator, wardrobe or suitcase), drawings or photos of it in the open position are required.

  • Description of the design which should show its main characteristics (required at filing).

Note: For all applications including applications for utility solution, patent, trademark and industrial design, notarization of Power of Attorney and Deed of Assignment is no longer required, just need to be signed the applicant if the applicant is a natural person; or by the authorized person of applicant if the applicant is a legal entity and affixed by the corporate seal of such an entity (if any).


  • Full name, address and nationality of the applicant and creator(s);
  • Filing date, application number and country of the earlier application from which the Paris convention priority is claimed.